The home office is an integral part of our house. Whether it’s work from home or operating a personal business, a home office is a must. Therefore, Home Builders New Jersey always provides homes with the home office to its clients. Home offices also increase productivity by 13% according to a survey.  whereas, a dirty and disorganized home office can give rise to many issues. The lists include undone loads of work, productivity pressure, and laziness. It will lead to more burden, dissatisfaction, and demotivation. To avoid all of this, an organized home office is necessary. If you don’t know where to start, we have got you. This article will help to get a sorted yet fully organized home office. That too within just seven days. Transform your home office into a productive yet pleasurable place. It will help you in getting all your work done before the deadlines. With this, your home will look more attractive, furnished, and sophisticated. Continue reading and organize a clan and beautiful office with the steps mentioned below.  

Start With Planning

The time of this seven-day plan depends on different things. It includes the items and size of the home office. Home Builder New Jersey is firstly recommending you to analyze. Count the number of things in your office. Then follow the given plan and tailor it according to you. The span of the project will remain the same, i.e., seven days or less if:

  • Your home office is small.
  • Your home office has less accumulated things.

The plan may take more than a week if:

  • Your home office is enormous.
  • Your home office has lots of stuff.
  • Your home office is used regularly for work.

Let’s Get Started

Day 01: Get Rid Of Useless Papers

To-Do’s For Decluttering Task

Home offices look worse if they have loads of papers all around. Start by cleaning all the extra documents for a cleaner look. Before throwing out the papers randomly, follow the following steps:


 You may have kept all papers within the home office since the beginning. The reason will be non-surety about whether they are helpful or not. Therefore, start a fact-finding mission and research on all papers. It will help you in identifying the essential and unimportant pieces.

Sort And Pile

  • Take out all the unnecessary papers from everywhere in the home office.
  • Check all the shelves, drawers, and cupboards.
  • Organize the critical documents into categories.
  • Put them into files.
  • Shred and throw the useless papers in the dustbin. If any article belongs to anyone, today is the day to return that.


Use a marker or stickers to label the categorized sets of papers. It will help you in identifying the documents quickly when needed.

To-Do’s For Cleaning Task

Use your hands or a shredder to get rid of the useless papers. Keep some trash cans in the home office for putting all the garbage.

Day 02: Free Up Some Space

To-Do’s For Decluttering Task

  • Prepare a cup of coffee before starting this task. It will give you the energy to do everything quickly. After this task, your office will look sorted and clean.
  • Take out everything from the desk and storage areas. It does not include papers, as you did that on day 01. Sort all supplies and keep them together. For example:
  • All pens, markers, and highlighters in one place.
  • All paper clips and pins together in a case.
  • All computer-related things in another pile.
  • Remove all unnecessary and duplicated supplies. Take out the extra staplers, tapes, and hole punch machines.
  • Shift to a paperless office. Set all your documentations, billings, and statements in online mode. It will keep you stress-free and in line with the trend.

To-Do’s For Cleaning Task

Keep some cartons and dustbins in the home office. Throw out the useless items in the bin. Keep all the duplicated things in the cartons for later use.  

Day 03: Gear Up For Organizing 

To-Do’s For Decluttering Task

Following are the ideas you can use for organizing your home office. You can also visit the website of Home Builder New Jersey for more ideas. However, you can also use any other organizational system of your preference.

  • To keep all papers organized and in place, use a grid of clipboards. Place them on the wall so that they form a convenient spot for documents.
  • The next idea is for piler persons. Use open top baskets with proper labels. Place them on shelves and give a polished, organized look to your home office.
  • For an accessible reach and cleaner look for all supplies, use this idea. Place wall-mounted cups or beautiful supplies holders in your home office.

Day 04: Clean It Up

To-Do’s For Cleaning Task

Now that you have sorted all the complicated things, relax for some time. Today’s task will clean and freshen up your home office. It will look cleaner, healthier, and a happier place to work in.

  • Make your home office dust-free by using a vacuum cleaner. Clean all corners, windows, lampshades, and ceilings by using appropriate attachments.
  • Use a wet cloth to wipe all the surfaces and shelves.
  • Blow off the dust from your keyboard by using a keyboard cleaner. Make sure to clean the gaps between the keys. Gently wipe them with cotton wipes.
  • Clean all the screens in the home office by using monitor wipes.
  • For a refreshing environment and fresh air, bring some houseplants to the home office.

Day 05: Bring In Comfort

A good and healthy workplace should be relaxed and pleasant. Think about the ways which can make your home office more comfortable. You will become more productive when you find comfort in the home office. Here are some ideas to start:

  • Buy a durable, good-quality adjustable chair with stable support.
  • Place good lightning in the home office. Choose new and trendy lights for a more polished yet fashionable look. You can contact the professionals of Home Builder New Jersey for lightning ideas.
  • Keep a small stool in your home office to relax your feet on it.
  • Place some small comfortable cushions to rest in the break time.

Day 06: Add Some Homely & Personal Vibes

Being a part of the home is the most beautiful thing about a home office. Therefore, your office must be your home too. It will give you a happier and more relaxed feeling. Think of the things you like which give you a cozy feel. Some ideas about this task are:

  • Wrap your office chair with your favorite fabric. Choose the color and material you like.
  • Place family photos in the home office to remember your loved ones.
  • Keep your memorable travel treasures in your home office.
  • Fix elegantly classy yet fancy adjustable lights and lamps.
  • Use beautiful baskets, holders, or China cups to keep your office supplies.
  • Place your favorite fresh flowers on your table for an energetic vibe.

Day 07 & Beyond: Regular Maintenance

To-Do’s For Decluttering Task

  • Try to get rid of the papers as soon as possible. Don’t pile them up for later. Use inbox slots in case you don’t have enough time daily. Sort them for different categories, for instance: work, college, or home. Set up a weekly reminder to clean up the inbox.
  • Don’t bring unnecessary supplies to the home office.
  • Use notes or stickers to write down the essential things and their timings.

To-Do’s For Cleaning Task

  • Keep everything in place after use.
  • Clean everything in the home office twice or thrice a week. You can do it regularly too if you have enough time. However, clean the desktop and table regularly.
  • Keep all the coffee cups and plates back in the kitchen before leaving.


Happy Organizing! Use Home Builder New Jersey’s article and organize your home office quickly. Start with planning and follow the mentioned steps. They are all easier and simpler yet effective. Give your home office a more comfortable, organized, and productive look.