In the matters of house buying and selling, both parties prefer their benefits. The articles of Home Builder New Jersey also have a similar motive. That is, helping our buyer and seller readers. A seller wants to sell the house at higher prices for more profit. In comparison, a buyer wants to seal the deal at the lowest possible price. But there is one thing which remains identical between both, i.e., negotiation. Whether it’s a buyer or a seller, they negotiate to defend their interests. The only difference is their points of negotiation. If you are a buyer, this article has many valuable things for you. No matter if you are a frequent house buyer or a first-time buyer. Home Builder New Jersey knows your aim. You must have always tried to shake the seller’s quoted pesky price. But this is not the only thing to fight on in 2021. We agree that price is an essential factor during home buying. But there are many other things to haggle on apart from price. Whether it’s a buyer’s market or a seller’s market, you can still negotiate.

The Worth Haggling Items

Home Builder New Jersey has talked to many real estate experts on this topic. We have summed up their answers below. The following section consists of five worth bargaining items except for price for buyers. Continue reading and know more!

  1. Home Cleanup

Not every home is a clean home. Whether it’s an existing one or a brand-new residence, never compromise on cleaning. Therefore, it’s your time to use this yuck factor as a negotiation chip. Ask the seller for a deep cleaning before finalizing the deal. He will pay for the cleaning before you move in. No matter how much the seller argues on the house cleaning. It must have some nooks and fissures behind the appliances and furniture. You need to notice and use them while bargaining.

  1. Home Repairs

Sometimes buyers get tempted by the seller’s and house’s appeal very quickly. They think that finalizing the deal is the best option. Therefore, buyers skip the home inspection process thinking that it’s a waste of time. But it’s their biggest mistake. Home Builder New Jersey recommends you never forget home inspection. We don’t want you to be in trouble after blindsiding the unpredicted repairs. Usually home inspection costs $400 on average but has many benefits for buyers. 

  • You can use the survey findings as your negotiating chip.
  • You will have an idea about the future investments for the home. By knowing the cost of future repairs, you can estimate your expenses accurately.
  • You can bargain on the things during the deal. It includes the items which need replacement or renovation.
  • You can demand the seller to pay for the repairs as a sale condition. But it depends on the seller if he agrees to that or not.

  1. Home Assurance

A home warranty is an essential and un comprisable thing for home buyers. It’s a source of peace of mind as it covers the costs of replacement and repairs of the home. You can fix the electrical, plumbing, and all other issues under a home warranty. Now you must be thinking about the negotiation part. Well, don’t worry. Home Builder New Jersey never leaves its readers in curiosity. You can negotiate in covering home warranty for the seller. Include it in the buying process. It will benefit both the buyer and seller. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

  1. Closing Time

Always pay attention to the timelines and seller’s needs. As a buyer, you can do wonders with these things. Try to adjust your schedule and make your timeline flexible. In this way, you can make a more tempting offer to the seller. Consider the seller’s closing time. Keep in mind his need and preferred time for sealing the deal. Then throw an attractive offer. It will make the whole buying process more straightforward and convenient for both parties. For an idea, you can offer an earlier closing time. Offer the seller a short rent back. It will make things easier for him while moving into his next house. Remember that your minor adjustment will give you many benefits in the long run.

  1. Home Décor

All of us wish to live in our dream house. Buyers pay a heavy price while buying a home. That is why it’s their right to have the best. Make sure to check that if the house is according to your liking or not. Negotiate if the house décor is not as per your dream house. It’s justified to bargain on light fixtures, décor pieces, or anything you love. Inform the seller that you will have to spend on those things later. Don’t forget to confirm whether the furniture and décor belong to the seller or not. Sometimes sellers use staged items to decorate the house. Therefore, negotiate accordingly.


Stop wasting your time by bargaining on the house price. Ace your house buying by using these things in your negotiation process. You will surely end up getting successful and thankful to Home Builder New Jersey.