Technology is influencing everything in the world, including the real estate industry too. Today, online buying and selling of houses are in trend. Therefore, Home Builders New Jersey thought to help you with the virtual house tours. The Digital revolution is taking everything under control very quickly. The spread of covid-19 has complemented it. Virtual house tours gained more popularity due to social distancing and lockdown measures. People prefer virtual tours these days rather than traditional house visits. All of this gives rise to a question. How can you sell your house quickly through the virtual tour? This article is all about the answers to this question!

Virtual House Tour

A virtual house tour is when people explore houses through the internet. It includes 3D walkthroughs and video chat tours. Virtual house tours allow the buyers to visit each corner of the house. The buyers interact with the sellers and ask their queries in the tour session. Virtual house tours offer many advantages to both buyer and seller. Some of them are:

  • It saves time and energy.
  • Distance doesn’t matter in a virtual house tour. It allows sellers to get potential buyers from all over the world.
  • It provides a real-life house touring experience to the buyers, and the list goes on.

This article of Home Builder New Jersey has seven unique ideas for you. Continue reading and know more about how to ace your virtual house tour.

Home Builder New Jersey

Home Builder New Jersey

  1. Showcase Your House With The Perfect Lightning

Lightning can make anything bright and attractive. It creates a camera-ready and eye-catching environment, perfect for your virtual house tour success. Make sure to do the lightning in the right way. Don’t use excessive artificial lights as they overpower the rooms. Keep in mind the following tips before conducting the session.

  • Try to conduct a virtual house tour during the middle of the day. It will highlight your house features correctly.
  • For natural light, open all windows and doors of the house. It will make your rooms look larger and brighter.
  • Consider using lightning layers for a more creative look. Place accent lights and lamps in the rooms. Turn them on before the virtual house tour. It will create a cozier and calm atmosphere.
Home Builder New Jersey

Home Builder New Jersey


  1. Declutter The Rooms

Potential buyers always imagine themselves in the home while touring. Whether it’s a traditional or a virtual house tour. It gets difficult for them if your house is not clean. Notice the areas which have piles of things. Be it toy boxes, clothes mounds, or piles of magazines and papers. Remove and hide everything for a good and clean impression to buyers.

  • Clear all the kitchen and bathroom counters.
  • Clean the living room and home office. Donate the things you no longer use to someone in need.
  • Throw all unnecessary papers, cords, and boxes.
  • For achieving a calming environment and a perfect balance:
  1. Clean the surfaces first.
  2. Add items one by one and see which thing looks good in photos.
  3. Keep that setting and conduct your house’s virtual tour.

If you can’t do the decluttering alone, consult professionals for this task.

Home Builder New Jersey

Home Builder New Jersey

  1. Coat Your Rooms With Fresh Paint

The paint color also plays a vital role in the virtual house tour. Whatever color your house interior already has, repaint it. Choose a camera-friendly paint color this time. Your house will look more attractive and furnished. This idea is simple yet very effective and budget-friendly. Buyers tend to get attracted to larger spaces. Repainting will hide all your house flaws and increase its value.

  • Rooms look bigger when they have neutral or light color shades. 
  • While dark paint colors make rooms look smaller. That is why the buyers find difficulties in analyzing the room features. 
Home Builder New Jersey

Home Builder New Jersey

  1. Stain Free The House Corners

A clean house appeals to everyone in a glimpse. Cleaning is one of the simplest ways to succeed in your virtual house tour. Just because it’s an online tour doesn’t mean that buyers will ignore cleaning details. They notice everything from the floor to the ceilings. With this, they also point out things that don’t look good. Therefore, make sure to clean every corner of the house before the session.

  • Clean all the windows and mirrors of the house. Make them spotless with a thorough cleaning.  
  • Vacuum and deep clean the carpets and hardwood floors.
  • Dust off every item and use wet wipes to clean them.
  • Empty all bins of the house for a cleaner look.
  • Organize your closets for a polished look.

If you have little or no time, contact professional cleaners.

Home Builder New Jersey

Home Builder New Jersey

  1. Stage Your Home For Perfect Pictures

We, Home Builder New Jersey, know the importance of staging. It plays an integral part in quick house selling that too at a high price. Staged homes create a positive and well-maintained impression for the buyers. They attract hundreds of buyers quickly. As per 82% buyers agents, home staging helps buyers in imagining themselves in the space. 

  • Focus on staging the living room, kitchen, entrance, and bedroom of the house.
  • Remove your family photos and souvenirs from the shelves.
  • Add some houseplant for a lively vibe. Rearrange the décor items until you get a perfect balance.
  • Reorganize the furniture if the room looks smaller. Larger rooms appeal to buyers as compared to smaller ones.

Contact professional stagers if you are clueless or have no time.

Home Builder New Jersey

Home Builder New Jersey

  1. Hire A Professional Photographer

Photos are the first thing that creates a way for a virtual house tour. If your listing photos are not professionally captured, it will not attract buyers. In this way, no one will request a virtual tour of your home. Therefore, hire a professional photographer to stand out your home among the competitors. The professional pictures will highlight your home’s features and appeal to more buyers quickly. Make sure to contact real estate photographers. They know perfect angles, lighting, and selling points of the houses. Depict your house ideally with professional photographers and their photos. The team of Home Builder New Jersey also has professional photographers for your help.

  • Make sure to add a glimpse of your neighborhood in the pictures.
  • Use drones for eye-catching aerial shots of the house.
  • Include the highlighting and spectacular views of the place in the photos. 
Home Builder New Jersey

Home Builder New Jersey

  1. Tide Up The Exterior Of The House

The exterior of a house is equally important as its interior. That is why sprucing is essential for every corner. Increase the home’s curb appeal by maintaining the lawn, porch, and landscape. It will attract more buyers and increase your house price.

  • Start by removing dead rubble from the garden.
  • Mow the lawn and trim the dead shrubs of the plants.
  • Add more flowerpots to the entrance for an appealing view.
  • Wash the porch and make the floor spotless with pressure washing.
  • Don’t forget to set up the outdoor furniture.
Home Builder New Jersey

Home Builder New Jersey


Home Builder New Jersey knows the importance of quick selling and virtual house tours. That is why we have bought this article for you. Prepare your home with these tips and sell it quickly. Let your home shine and attract more buyers. Make sure to sell your house at the right time for high prices.